Food, Beverage and Cleaning Worker


  • It will perform daily and weekly store cleaning within the framework of the cleaning rules,
  • He will cook daily for employees,
  • Able to control the appearance and conditions of the equipment of the workplace,
  • Notify necessary repair safety hazards and conditions requiring external vendor services,
  • Will be able to inform and purchase kitchen and cleaning materials,
  • Ability to serve drinks and meals when necessary,
  • Able to work in an organized manner with his team,


  • Knowing how to host guests,
  • Positive, practical and friendly,
  • Sensitive about hygiene and giving priority to himself,
  • Served in a similar position,
  • Systematic, meticulous and fast working ability,
  • No transportation problems,
  • Does not have any discomfort and allergies,
  • Preferably, at least high school graduate,
  • Not over the age of 40,
We are looking for female teammates.
For details info@ganiyalcin.com We are waiting for your mail to the address.
Don't forget to add your photo resume, if any, its reference so that we can get to know you better. See you...