Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Do My Payments?

You can do your shopping with credit card or debit (bank) cards.

There are no payment options at the door.

You can pay via remittance or EFT. For this you can contact us from our +905077647777 WhatsApp line.

It is able to shop with 3D-enabled overseas cards.


Can you put it on a credit card?

In the exchanges through the Gani Yalçın Online Shop, there is a possibility of instalment on World, Bonus, Maximum, CardFinance, Axess credit cards.

If you create an order by selecting the single shot option, no extra installments can be done afterwards.


Do you make special dics?

During certain periods of the season, our tailor-made seamers from Italy provide you with special planting services by buying special measures at our store. You can contact us for those of you who are interested in taking advantage of our service and wondering.


How Can I Change The Product I Purchase?

You can make the exchange transactions of the product you purchased from the Gani Yalçın Online Shop, along with your invoice within 14 days from the date of invoice, by our store or by sending it to us.

The exchange of products you have purchased from our website cannot be made through our Online Shop unit.

For product exchange, the product must be referenced, used in conjunction with the invoice or exchange card, and must be delivered with all accessories as it has reached you.

The cosmetics (perfume), interior clothing, swimwear, accessories, products are not returned and change is not made.


I Want To Return The Product, What Do I Have To Do?

You can return the product you received from the Gani Yalçın Online Shop with your invoice to our side with your invoice within 14 days from the date of the invoice with your invoice. In case you are unable to post with cargo, you can deliver your product to our store.

For the return of the product, the product must be referenced, not used, and delivered with all its accessories as it has reached you with the shipping irsale or invoice of the product.

The return and exchange of cosmetics (perfume), interior clothing, swimwear, accessory products cannot be made.

The return of money in the return of exchanges with Debit (bank) cards may take longer depending on your bank to pass through your account.

Which Cargo Company Are You Working With?

Your orders are delivered to the address you specify with the Ups Cargo mediated by which we are negotiated.

When's My Kargo Going To Me?

In the purchases you make, your submission is delivered to the cargo within 3 business days after your order has reached us.

Due to the intensity experienced during the campaign periods, delivery time and conditions may vary.

When your order is placed in the cargo, the cargo tracking number is sent by email to your side. You can follow your cargo transactions by clicking on the link in the email, or from the My Orders section under My Account menu.


Return Submission

Your products are shipped to your side by the return-exchange form irsailable. You must mark the return reason against the barcode number of the product you wish to return, specifying your return request on the contact.

When you return the product, your filled return form must be included in the package.

Free Shipping Code: 1V2728

UPS Cargo Return Customer Code: 1V2728


Return Address:

Gani Yalçın Online Shop
Turan Sun Boulevard 102 /A Crescent Neighborhood of Çankaya Çankaya/ANKARA


In the refunds shipped with other cargo companies, the cargo charge belongs to the buyer.