Brand and Sales Advisor


  • Preferably a college graduate who cares about personal development,
  • Preferably, he has experience in selling luxury brands, but not, which is related to the luxury goods industry.
  • knowing,
  • Caring for appearance and social life,
  • the ability to communicate and convince,
  • The store can adapt to flexible working hours,
  • He will be able to work with his team in an organized manner,


  • It will help achieve monthly/annual sales goals and maximize customer expectations,
  • He can control all information about the luxury products he sells and offer it to his customer,
  • By providing visual order in the store, it can always keep the store ready for sale.
  • The magazine may be involved in operational processes such as housing, rail order, and so on.
  • Collaboration with his team can be organized.
We're looking for a sales and brand partner.
We want to see you among us. For parts info@ganiyalcin.com We're waiting for his address.
To get to know you better, remember to add a photo resume, a link, if any. See you later...