Gabriele Pasini



In search of contemporary nobility: aristonet The three-piece jacket, trouser and waistcoat suit reworked into a 3P suit with stunning combinations.

"P" like Pasini which in this take unites fabric features (natural-artificial) with clothing types (formal, informal and military).
Cultural references from the French Zazous of the early forties and from the riotous ’90s meld magnificently into a style that defies definition.

Since he was a boy he would tell the tailor, who made his first bespoke suits, how to cut the lapels for his jackets and which would be the proper length for his trousers.
He had later the fortune to work with the Neapolitan Masters, from whom he acquired the technique behind the perfect construction of the jacket, in order to achieve a custom garment characterized by an ideal fit.
In 2012 he signed for a joint venture with Lardini, that produces and distributes Gabriele Pasini collections worldwide.