Colors and Tastes

Colors and Tastes

For many years, I have reviewed the men's ready-to-wear collection of many different brands in Turkey and abroad (i am still continuing). Besides, I've examined the collections of fabric manufacturers and something caught my attention. In these fabric collections, from pink to yellow, orange to peanut green Wool, Silk Even mohairthere are fabrics. And who's wearing these? But this is Turkey, here... I can hear what you're saying, and I don't agree! Let me explain to you why. We sold red, orange, pink single jackets to many people in our store in Ankara; One jacket you'd notice. Someone else took the only pants of the same colors, obviously. These weren't suits, so they're independent products. When it comes to using the product alone, we're actually drowning in a perception that makes it look normal and is afraid to use the same product as a team. How many of us who read this article, including me, " elephant female color " and ya " pastel pink "We thought about wearing a suit. Even if we put it on, where is it? That's an important detail, and that's where the clothing culture begins. Which product and color should be worn where... I'm adding one of my favorite images here.Now take a look at this photo and think about yourself in it. I think you like it. But isn't it one of those colors you'll never dare take? I assure you, everyone will take care of you when you dare. Because they don't dare wear it yet... Yes, I don't walk around like this every day, i feel like i don't even want to dress, and sometimes I'm going to get professional deformation and miss the tip, and then it gets a lot of attention. You're going to have dinner at a fancy restaurant with your friends tonight, and then you're going to get a drink!" Of course. By the way, you decided we should wear a suit, and it's time to choose. I'd say most of your closets are made up of 80% or even 90% navy blue, gray tones. I'm not wrong, am I? Trends are changing really fast. Classic is always classic. We need different shades of different colors. Make sure it's not just for ourselves, it's for the eye of others. Remember, a butterfly's flapping a wing causes waves in the ocean. Don't be afraid to be different, try to be different! Love...
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