Notes from Pitti Uomo # 97

We finished another fair in Pitti Womo. Canceled flights, landing, winds exceeding a speed of 70 km/h did not beat us and we finally arrived in Florence.
Sir, for those who say, "What is Pitty Womo?" This is a men's clothing fair in which many world-renowned brands and fashion designers participate in the presentation of capsule collections. If we're talking about the fair, it's not just big stands. Stylishly dressed bloggers, influencers, arrange a show at the entrance to the fair. Diamond watches, Naples jackets compete with each other. As you understand, Pitty Womo is İtalyan İşi.
We observed preliminary preparations for 2020-2021 years. In addition to several brands, brands use the same shades. Prepare for next fall and winter to see a lot of cinnamon and mustard. In addition, do not jump with the Snakers trend. By the way, my wardrobe has already adapted. Sneakers under the suits became very pleasant, but! After all, classic clothing will never be fashionable, it will never lose nobility. I'm giving you a little clue to use Snakers. You can wear a bag with pocket jackets and, if possible, sneakers with ease under the coat without suspension. I'd be glad if you didn't prefer this pocket jacket.
I wanted to give you my notes from Pitty Womo. We will be preparing for the collection for the next 2 months. And as long as I have the opportunity, I'll give you the details. If you want to follow me from social networks, I will leave my instagram account: @serdaryalcin_ 
I'll see you again soon.

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