Pandemics Process and Street Store

Pandemics Process and Street Store

To start with the classic, we went through a fast and tiring time. Neither of us has a clear idea of how long it will go on. But research and data show that in every century these kinds of epidemic diseases, disasters have happened, and people have learned to live with it and adapt to this difficult process.

With the warming of the air, we started to accept the process and go a little bit further, to get out. In the process, we are "GET IN THE GANG As the Multibrand Store, we tried to keep our store open by going to decline in our working hours. The biggest factor in doing this was to get a little bit of an idea to go through this difficult process, to get through this. We met our guests by using our masks. We explained that any virus could not be contained in the products we import. We have shown again that we have no problem with the air circulation. In fact, we used the advantage of not being the mall store, the street store, so we could use it.

So, what kind of problems have we faced with the products that we have been importing into this process? Turkey Customs is a unit that's overtaken security measures. Even before the pandemic, some of our products are put to the test, and they are entering our country. And these are mostly paint tests. All of our products are actually reaching out to us, and then you, after these tests. So in the process, there was no extra situation that we faced. The import processes were a little bit longer, so the customs didn't work. I don't need to mention too much about the possibility that the virus, which can't live for more than a few hours in clothes and colias, can reach our store.:)

Let me tell you a little bit about the situation of factories in Italy. ItalyThey have taken serious precautions to protect it, as a result of the creation of a textile brand. Although they shut down factories in the quarantine process, they are now trying to grow orders received by working almost full time. Most of the brands that I've been seeing and working with have devoted some of their production capacity to mask production, and even one of the shirt manufacturers has produced masks that are compatible with the shirt pattern.

I wanted to briefly tell you about this process. We believe in street shops, street restaurants, the area where the boutique cafis are located, and the neighborhood is alive. Of course, there is a need for all of the AVM's. We have been serving you at the same location for 16 years, and we believe we have fulfilled our duty.  You can visit us in the comfort of the heart and ask what you've been wondering. With the wish to get through these tough days as soon as possible ...

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